Matt Fitzpatrick disappointed with the way the PGA Tour is treating the DP World Tour

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Matt Fitzpatrick disappointed with the way the PGA Tour is treating the DP World Tour

It is clear that there is a lot of concern about the attractiveness of the PGA Tour, in addition to the DP World Tour. We are living in an era where a lot of things change very quickly in a short period of time, so it is very hard to predict the future development of the golf scene in a short period of time.

It is widely believed that the PGA Tour is not treating the DP World Tour with the respect that it deserves. The great golfer, Matt Fitzpatrick, spoke about this problem in an interview with the Foreplay podcast. “I’ll be honest, there is definite sadness,” Fitzpatrick said, as quoted by “I don’t think the Strategic Alliance has been that useful.

I don’t feel like there’s been enough help given to Europe. Whether it’s money, whether it’s starts for players, it’s definitely going to become a feeder tour”.

Matt Fitzpatrick explains his views

In the end, the Strategic Alliance turned out to be different than what had been expected.

There must be more chances for European players, and they must be given more attention by the media. According to Fitzpatrick, the current situation is not leading European players in the right direction at the moment. “Like everyone said, it’s the 10 best guys that don’t have a card in Europe this year that will come and play in America,” added Fitzpatrick.

“That’s disappointing. European guys that play on the European Tour that have a commitment that they’ll play January to August, 22 events or whatever it is. The season will end and then it’s like, ‘God, I feel obligated to go play in Europe now, there’s 2, 3 or 4 events there so I’ll go and play those’ and before you know it, your off season is done in November. I just think the Strategic Alliance isn’t what it’s made out to be”.