Jack Nicklaus on Rory McIlroy: He uses his body better than anybody else

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Jack Nicklaus on Rory McIlroy: He uses his body better than anybody else

Jack Nicklaus is a golf legend and his comments sometimes speak volumes. During one conversation, Nicklaus talked about Rory McIlroy, who is one of the greatest on the golf scene. Jack believes that Rory has a bright future and is close to another Major.

“He’s going to win some more,” Nicklaus said on the Sir Nick Faldo’s podcast, as quoted by golfmonthly.com “He’s got a great golf swing, he’s got the best rhythm in the game, he uses his body better than anybody else.

I love his attitude, but I don’t think he’s keeping his focus for some reason. I think Rory sometimes he just plays golf and sometimes he really can’t just play golf. Rory sometimes gets caught up in just playing golf, then all of a sudden, it’s where did that eight come from? He’s too good for that, he’s too good a player”.

Jack Nicklaus reveals his opinion

Nicklaus spoke about certain weaknesses of the Northern Irishman that he will have to change in the future if he wants to be competitive. “Maybe he (McIlroy) tries to keep himself too relaxed.

I was never relaxed, I always wanted to be on point, every shot – you have to be on point, you can’t get relaxed and feel good and enjoy. You can’t enjoy the round – you’ve got to play the round and when you’ve played the round well, that’s your enjoyment.

That’s the fun. I loved the pressure, that’s what you live for. I love Rory, he’s a great guy and right now he’s in the prime of his career. He’s going to win more tournaments, more Majors, I don’t think there’s a question about that.

And when he wins more he’s going to win more than just one. But he’s got to be able to not allow that (bad holes costing him) to happen to him”.