Sergio Garcia on breaking friendship with Rory McIlroy

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Sergio Garcia on breaking friendship with Rory McIlroy

Sergio Garcia is not happy about the behavior of Rory McIlroy who decided to end their friendship due to the fact that Garcia became part of LIV Golf. “I don’t have a problem with him. He’s the one that has a problem,” Garcia told the Telegraph, as quoted by “So if he wants to reconcile, then I’m willing to talk.

But I’m not sure he’ll put himself down to that level. “I think it is very sad- I think that we’ve done so many things together and had so many experiences that for him to throw that away just because I decided to go to a different tour, well, it doesn’t seem very mature; lacking maturity, really.

But Rory’s got his own life and he makes his own choices, the same way that I make mine. I respect his choices, but it seems like he doesn’t respect the ones I make. So a one-way street”. Garcia is a man with a lot of success in the Ryder Cup, but he will not be part of the team considering the decision he made.

“I wouldn’t want to harm the atmosphere in the team room,” Garcia said. “I love that event too much for that”.

Sergio Garcia and PGA Tour officials

Garcia is not happy with the way PGA Tour officials have treated him and others.

This further strengthened the unity that currently reigns in LIV Golf. “We had so much criticism when we started off last June that it unified us all together and that included with the bosses,” Garcia added. “You can suggest things, ideas, and although they are not always followed up and acted upon, you are listened to.

That didn’t happen on the PGA Tour. There are only two, maybe three players who the bosses listen to on that Tour."