Thomas Pieters has joined LIV Golf

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Thomas Pieters has joined LIV Golf

Thomas Pieters decided to join LIV Golf. Pieters confirmed that he had made this decision before, but he did not have the opportunity to become part of this competition until now. “I had a call on Thursday not even a week ago, asking if I wanted Hudson’s spot,” Pieters told The Telegraph.

“To be truthful, in my heart, I decided last summer that I wanted to join LIV. But it was not until a few days ago I got the opportunity." Pieters does not wish harm on anyone, but this turned out to be a great thing for him.

He thought about his decision for a long time and decided to become part of the competition supported by Saudi Arabia. "You don’t wish ill on anyone and I hope Hudson gets recovered soon, but as a professional you have to grasp chances when they arise.

Of course, I have done this with my family and our daughters (Florence and June, aged two and three months) at the forefront of our thinking. It has been a whirlwind since then, really, sorting everything out and getting everything ready over the weekend.

I had to tell everybody, for one thing”.

Pieters on his decision

He made his Ryder Cup debut 7 years ago. Pieters said that he also told Luke Donald about his decision. He is aware of what such a decision brings, but he is ready to accept the consequences.

“I swapped texts with Luke, but he is in a tough position isn’t he. It was a difficult decision for me, for sure. The Ryder Cup has always been an ambition and it was a dream to play in 2016. I’ve been trying to get back ever since.

I enjoyed the Hero Cup last month and naturally would love to be in Rome. But I accept the consequences of this choice, whatever they turn out to be”.