Sir Nick Faldo on LIV Golfers: They have no future in the Ryder Cup

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Sir Nick Faldo on LIV Golfers: They have no future in the Ryder Cup

Sir Nick Faldo does not support the participation of Ian Poulter, Sergio Garcia, and Lee Westwood in the Ryder Cup. Their departure to LIV Golf changed a lot. "They shouldn't be there because they've gone off and you've got to move on," Faldo said for Sky Sports.

"They're all at the age where Europe needs to find a new breed of 25-year-olds that can play half a dozen or more Ryder Cups, and I think we're going to have that." Faldo believes that by going to LIV Golf, they knew what could await them.

That's exactly why Faldo wouldn't like if either of them got the chance. "They're done. It's a rival tour. If you work for a company for 20 years and you then leave to go to a rival company, I can promise you your picture won't still be on the wall.

You've moved on. Fine, off you go. They made that decision and I'm sure they knew it was going to cost them. They were playing the maths game. They were getting a huge chunk of money up front, and they knew it was going to lose them sponsors, but they thought 'I still win'"

Sir Nick Faldo and golf improving

Faldo believes that LIV Golf does not aim to improve golf, and that they cannot do that.

"It's a closed shop: 48 guys given loads of money. What gripes me is it's not growing the game of golf. That really gets me when they fly across the world to a country that's been playing golf for 100 plus years and say, 'we're growing the game of golf'.

If they keep saying they want to grow the game of golf, go and take it to new regions. Countries in the early days of being interested in golf now. Try that rather than just trying to antagonise everybody. Whatever they want to do, go and do it.

Let these youngsters play what we deem is real, competitive golf. Once you've decided to retire, disappear, move on, or go to another job. No one's going to talk about you, so just go and do your thing and get on with it."

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