Jose Maria Olazabal on the three greatest golf talents

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Jose Maria Olazabal on the three greatest golf talents
Jose Maria Olazabal on the three greatest golf talents (Provided by Sport World News)

Former Ryder Cup captain Jose Maria Olazabal has achieved a lot in his career and there are many details from his career that deserve respect. Maria Olazabal has a lot of experience, and this experience is the reason why the Spaniard talked about promising golfers.

Jose Maria mentioned three names that he expects to have a great career. One of the people he mentioned is Sepp Straka. Jose Maria has followed Straka for a long time and noticed that he has enormous potential. “Sepp Straka, I followed him for a few holes and I liked how steady he is, and I liked his swing also, I think that under pressure that type of swing should hold up really well,” Olazabal told Sky Sports.

Ewen Ferguson is also one of those that the Spaniard noticed. Ferguson is a huge potential and a player from whom the best is still expected. “Ewen Ferguson I like, maybe he’s not the longest of hitters but if his putting is good then he could do well, but there’s a bunch of them that have the potential to be top, top players."

Jose Maria Olazabal on Nicolai

Speaking about Nicolai, he mentioned which aspect he has to work on, but he thinks that Nicolai has everything needed to become a top player.

“Nicolai I know has been changing his swing a little bit, up to last year he was drawing the ball off the tee but this week from what I saw he’s favouring a little fade, and if he keeps that ball in play off the tee then the rest of his game is extremely sharp.

“He hits it very, very long in that regard, and if he can improve in that area off the tee then I think we’ll have a great player in the future”. There are still many who show promise, and some have yet to appear on the big stage.