Xander Schauffele withdraws from Sentry TOC

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Xander Schauffele withdraws from Sentry TOC

Xander Schauffele made a strange decision, considering that he withdrew from the Sentry Tournament of Champions due to a back issue. “Austin told me on 9, he's like, ‘You know, we have a lot of tournaments coming up on the West Coast Swing, and it's a big swing for us.

Are you going to look back and feel really proud of yourself for like gutting it out and maybe hurting yourself more or should we pull out and be smart here because we have a long way to go?’ So yeah, it kind of went like that”.

- he said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com.

Schauffele and his problem

Xander Schauffele wants to understand well what the problem is. Testing is necessary at this time, but he hopes things can be finished soon. “It feels like a very similar deal to the Bahamas,” he added.

“In the Bahamas I started to feel better each day with the pills and the treatment and everything. I've never had any sort of issues. It's just not getting better. It actually feels worse when I swing. I'm going to go home - I've never had a scan or anything, so I'm going to go home, get a scan, just try to be as smart as possible.

I should have done it after the Bahamas, but it was so funny, I felt so great after, I was back to full routine after that. So that was probably a little immature on my part, to be completely honest. But yeah, I'm 29. I need to preserve my health.

I feel like I've done a really good job up until this point and the fact that I can't really pinpoint what it is is a bit frustrating. So once I get the scan and look at it and have all the pros look at it and then if they tell me that I'm okay, then I think I'll start to feel better and stop flinching at what I'm doing”.