Martin Kaymer on his decision to join LIV Golf: It was fun, more inspiring..

"I needed something new in my career"- Kaymer said

by Sead Dedovic
Martin Kaymer on his decision to join LIV Golf: It was fun, more inspiring..

Martin Kaymer explained his decision to join LIV Golf in an interview with 5 Live Sport for its All About podcast "I never really picked up my PGA Tour membership properly – I never really liked to live in America for 12 months and that’s what, in my opinion, you need to do in order to compete on the PGA Tour.

I’m a huge fan of the European Tour and I really liked all the tournaments and the venues that they used to have, but where the Tour is going now, especially with the cooperation with the PGA Tour, ultimately it will get me back onto the PGA Tour, where I don’t want to be."- Kaymer said, as quoted by

Kaymer thought a lot about the new career challenge. As if he expected something like that. “It was fun, more inspiring, motivating again. I needed something new in my career and doing this for 15 years, playing on both tours, now having a family, I needed something else and then LIV Golf popped up and I thought, 'That’s me.'

Martin Kaymer and LIV Golf

Although with this decision he will lose the right to play in other tournaments, it does not pose any problem for him. "I’ve done many Ryder cups, I won a couple of Majors, I had a beautiful career in the traditional way of golf, I would say, and of course, I would like to participate more in those tournaments, but if that’s not meant to be then I’m totally fine with it because it’s a decision that you make to be out here and if that’s the only tour that I’m going to play the next few years, I’m totally happy with that." However, he believes that current things on the golf scene are not right.

“I think the Majors and the Ryder Cup, they should be open for everyone, they should be the best players in the world – they should play in those events. If the European Tour and the PGA Tour want to limit to their people that’s fine with me, because I made a decision to play LIV Golf and that’s it.

The people, the fans they want to see the best players in the world. They want to see Dustin Johnson and those guys and that is what those tournaments are made for - to see the best players in the world."

Liv Golf