Gary Player: I have hit the most balls in the world

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Gary Player: I have hit the most balls in the world

Gary Player, the legendary golfer, has achieved many successes in his career. Even though he is 87 years old, Player still shows how much he loves golf. Player emphasized in one of the conversations that he is the person who hit the most balls in the world.

“It’s a toss up between three people for who hit the most balls in the world and I’m going to give myself the nod,”-Player said, as quoted by “It’s either Ben Hogan, Vijay Singh and myself, but Vijay Singh is 20 years younger than me so I’ve hit 20 years of balls more and he’s still got to get to my age, and I’m still hitting balls!" Player spoke about his career, as well as the energy he has always had.

“They say a computer works out that I’ve hit 15 million. That’s over 73 years and I was an animal, I never got tired, one of the great blessings I had is that I had so much energy. People don’t realise the value of energy, the more you can practice, the more dirt you move the more tournaments you’re going to win”.

Gary Player and his age

Although he is 87 years old, his health looks great. Player says that he has always taken care of himself and his health. He worked hard and trained. It is no wonder why he is so ready even at the age of 87.

“I practiced when people were sleeping, I went to the gym while people were sleeping. Hogan practised all day long, all the champions they practiced all the time, Sam Snead, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Tom Watson, Hale Irwin, they all practice, practice, practice, there’s no short cut.

“My favourite subject is my body, it’s a holy temple and when you get to my age and have travelled more miles than any human being ever you realise what health means”.