Tiger Woods on the relationship with his son: I’m protective of him

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Tiger Woods on the relationship with his son: I’m protective of him

The PNC Championship is an ideal opportunity for Woods and his son Charlie to show their qualities. Tiger has shown this countless times, but now Charlie has the motive to show his talent. Even though he is 13 years old, the pressure is already on him and he is struggling a lot.

In an interview with Another Golf Podcast, Tiger Woods talked about his relationship with Charlie. “I told Charlie a long time ago, and this is a life lesson my Dad gave me. I told him this a long time ago and I will reiterate it with him.

I said, ‘Son, you will never be my friend. I will always be friendly. But I will always be your dad,'” Woods said on “Another Golf Podcast” Charlie will have a great person to develop his career, considering that his father is the greatest of this sport.

“As a dad, my responsibility is always to give you the advice and the impetus and the environment to learn and grow and prosper and be a sounding board and to make the best decisions in life, especially when I’m not there any more.

That’s my job”.

Tiger Woods and the pressure

Charlie is already under pressure even though he is still a boy. He probably doesn't notice these things yet, but with age, it could be an increasing problem for him.

“We can always be friendly, my dad was always friendly to me, but he was my dad first,” he said. “When we’re out there playing I’m his dad, so I’m protective of him,” Woods said. “Obviously I want him to do the best he possibly can.

I want him to learn from everything. But I also want to protect him from, like, all of this. The environment. Especially this day and age. When I grew up there were no camera phones, there were no videos. I try to shoo people away, ‘let him enjoy, don’t put any pressure on him, let him play, let him be a kid, OK?'”