Phil Mickelson: All players should be appreciative of what LIV is doing

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Phil Mickelson: All players should be appreciative of what LIV is doing

Phil Mickelson's decision to join LIV Golf has generated a lot of reactions. Many believe that such moves are very bad for him considering the history he has in this sport. In a recent interview with SI, Mickelson reacted to the PGA Tour changes, all with the goal of fighting LIV Golf.

One of the changes is 20 tour events. Phil Mickelson is positive about such changes. “Well, they are getting a lot for it,” Mickelson said. “So I’m extremely happy that the top players are being listened to and that their input is being valued….

and what they are doing for the Tour is now being valued.’’ Phil Mickelson is furious with the PGA Tour's reaction. It looked as if LIV Golfers could go unpunished, but immediately after a large number of them joined LIV Golf, sanctions followed.

"It was stated very clearly that nothing was going to happen,” Mickelson said. “Unless there was leverage, nothing was going to change. And all players should be appreciative of what LIV is doing. The players on LIV for the opportunity they are getting.

And the PGA Tour for the leverage that was provided to get these changes done. Despite multiple efforts by multiple players… I don’t think anything like that would have happened without the leverage that LIV Golf has provided.

There was no leverage. There were no other options.’’

Phil Mickelson is in contact with PGA Players

Mickelson still has a large number of friends on the PGA Tour that he keeps in touch with. “Numerous [have] - and I'm very appreciative,” he said. “They are from both sides.

I think players on both sides of LIV and the PGA Tour are appreciative of what is happening. Every player is benefiting.’’ LIV Golf wants to make a completely different story and create a name for itself. In their goal, they introduce many changes that will be revolutionary for the world of golf.

“I feel that my legacy is being built right now,” he said. “The changes that professional golf are going through I believe are in the best interest for the fans and the players. I feel that it’s being built right now.

It hurts to see so much hostility and negativity, for sure. I really believe in the end it’s going to be worth it and I think in the long run everyone is going to come out ahead”.