Max Homa: Tiger Woods should get a bit more

"I always use this example. I tied with Tiger Woods three years ago at Torrey Pines"


Max Homa: Tiger Woods should get a bit more

PGA Tour vs LIV Golf will continue for a long time. Currently, there are no chances for an alliance considering that the case has been brought to court. The PGA Tour immediately decided to react and introduce changes that could be crucial for the growth of popularity and 'dominance' on the golf scene.

Max Homa commented on the changes announced by the PGA Tour. "I think the Tour is doing their best to be creative and provide like a different stream of income to the 20 guys now who are driving the revenue for the Tour," Homa said, as quoted by The main emphasis will be on the 'top' players, and a lot will depend on them.

Homa agrees with that. "Part of it's silly in my opinion, but also part of it's not. It makes a ton of sense if someone is out here and there's the reason -- I always use this example. I tied with Tiger Woods three years ago at Torrey Pines, and I realize we got paid the exact same amount of money and I provided zero dollars to that event and he provided, I can't even come up with a number.

So you would think, man, Tiger should get a bit more. So I like what they're doing with that. It's a tricky thing. It's like -- it's ambiguous, but the Tour is just trying to make the Tour better and benefit the guys who are helping drive everything for the rest of us.

So I think that's good."

Max Homa on PIP

Max Homa decided to joke, but he is clear about his intentions to help the PGA Tour and the popularity of golf. "I will say this: I would win this PIP if it was about who gets yelled at in the weirdest ways possible.

I could be Tiger, I think. I don't know, people seem more and more aware. I am aware myself that I'm getting a bit more popular, but I don't know. It would be cool for the money if I could be in the top 20, but I have always wanted to grow the game of golf whether I got paid for it or not.

I love this game. I would love more kids to get involved. I'd like it to be more diversified. I think the game is in a good place, and I hope to be a part of just making it continue to go that way. I'm just going to try to use my PGA Tour status as kind of the catalyst for that."

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