Valteri Bottas: I never managed to be that involved with Mercedes

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Valteri Bottas: I never managed to be that involved with Mercedes

Valtteri Bottas, after many years spent at Mercedes, decided to change the environment and become part of the Alfa Romeo team. Bottas emphasized that he now feels more responsibility and that he wants to lead his team in the right direction.

What he likes is to be involved in events within the team "I definitely feel it, that I want to really help push the team in the right direction," Bottas said, as quoted by motorsport. "It makes me also think always twice, 'OK, is this really the direction we want to go to or not?' It's really interesting." Bottas is already thinking ahead, about the next season and about the quality of his car.

He expects a lot from his car, with which he will go towards the greatest goals. "Even for like, next year's car, always when I hear updates and everything, for me, it's really interesting to be so involved technically as well.

I can already start to imagine like how the car handles."

Valteri Bottas on the car

Bottas emphasized that he was never as involved in the complete process as he is now. What he likes is the humane effect that exists. "Yes.

I never managed to be that involved with Mercedes. It was more like the computer says that this kind of car is going to be the fastest. Most times it worked. But now it's also nice to have the human effect." Alfa Romeo F1 boss Frederic Vasseur is aware that Bottas has less pressure in Alfa Romeo, but he does not want his driver to relax.

His goal will be for Bottas to get better and better and to help his team. "For sure, you have more pressure on you at Mercedes, and he was always in the shadow of Lewis, always on a short-term contract," Vasseur told

"I don't want to put him in a relaxed situation, because this is not good also for the performance. But somehow to send him the message that he has the full support of the team. "I think if you have a look at all the good sporting projects in the last 20 years, it was always built up around the drivers." What is most important for the Finn is that he is much happier in the new team.

We don't know if it's because of less pressure or the environment, but the fact is that he drives much more relaxed and is much more focused.