Matia Binotto: This is more a feeling of being depressed

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Matia Binotto: This is more a feeling of being depressed

Matia Binotto has been facing various problems ever since his arrival at Ferrari, but he was aware of it upon his arrival. It must also be acknowledged that he raised the team to a higher level and that Ferrari looks great this season.

He answered about difficult moments in the last 18 months and whether they existed; “Each single day! I think certainly it has not been an easy journey from 2019, when I was put in place as team principal, to today.

We have been through 2020, a very difficult one, and then 2021. But even 2022, because we are fighting for the best, sometimes there are races where we are not obtaining what is the potential of the car. So it's not an easy one.

But what I may say is that I'm happy in the role. I'm happy because I know that I've got a great team. The team is united. It's great to see them working together”. - he said for About difficult moments during and before the race; “The first if we are speaking about engine failure, I managed that [department] myself in the past.

And to see smoke is never great. So this is more a feeling of being depressed. No doubt when you see that we are leading the race, as Charles was leading in Baku and even Carlos [Sainz] I would say in Austria, they are problems that you would never like to see.

I'm staying calm, but believe me, I'm depressed. It's difficult and you take a few moments, trying to react, then you really need to think about the next steps. So what is needed and what is required? And not only in terms of technical, but more in terms of team.

So what can I do to help? What can I do to make sure that everybody remains calm and focused, protected even from external attacks and comment?”

Matia Binotto on management style

Binotto spoke about his team management style; “I think I'm empowering the people which are around me,” he said.

“I think I'm not brutal, but I'm strict. And people around me know that I can be very strict. But I think more than that, I'm trying always to empower them, and give them all what's required to do their job. And I trust the people around me.

I'm not the one that will go into the detail of every single element. I more focus on myself, making sure that, as I said before, they have got whatever is required to do the job. I know how important is the mood in the team, I know how important is the mental approach and the culture.

We are working a lot on it inside of the team, trying to change our culture compared to what it was us, and what we believe is the right attitude and behaviours to put in place. I can see that the team is somehow very united and I think that you can get that through transparency. Even I think you need to be smart as well, sometimes transparent and genuine”.