Matia Binotto: I do not think that is a weakness to us

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Matia Binotto: I do not think that is a weakness to us

There is a lot of criticism about Ferrari and their pit stop strategy. Matia Binotto is aware of some problems that the team has, but he is still satisfied with the situation and the performance of his team "I think there's always a way of improving ourselves," he said in an interview with

"You cannot be perfect, and you will never be perfect. So no doubt, we need to improve ourselves on the aero, chassis, power unit, on strategy or whatever we can. "But having said that, I think I have got a great team on the strategy, and I do not feel it's a weakness."

Binotto drew a parallel between the events: Hamilton in Abu Dhabi and Leclerc in Silverston "I think that what was the right decision for Lewis, I think was maybe the right one still. "From the outside, yes, Max won the championship.

But Max would have always done the opposite. If he would have been ahead [had Hamilton stopped] then how would he have finished the race? We don't know. "So if, in Silverstone, Charles would have come in, and Lewis stayed out with fresh tyres.

How the race would have finished? I don't know. "So even with hindsight, I don't know what the answer is. But, by the way, no one discusses and argue over their [Mercedes] decision at the time. "Everybody believes that they can somehow argue what we decided at Silverstone."

he said as quoted by motorsport.

Opening races

Mattia also reflected on the opening races of the season. "While maybe you may see Monaco, Silverstone and Paul Ricard as issues, I don't see them as issues, because I think we made sometimes the right decisions," he explained.

"I'm not convinced right now that what we made was wrong. I am still convinced that we made what was the right decision at the time. Unlucky sometimes, but not wrong. "And I think if you look at our strategy team, sometimes they are doing even great things, even greater than the others.

"We had the right strategy in Austria and the others not. We had probably the best strategy in France before the mistake of Charles. "And I think that's showing: we have been brave enough in France to bring two mediums in the race when the others had hards.

To do that you need to be not only strong, but brave. "So overall, we've got a good team and I do not think that is a weakness to us."