Daniel Ricciardo: I'll get to the point where I start to not feel guilty

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Daniel Ricciardo: I'll get to the point where I start to not feel guilty

Daniel Ricciardo is not in good shape and there have already been talks about his successor. Now the summer break is coming, which Ricciardo will try to use in the right way. "To be honest, switching off normally gives me like a natural reset,” he said after last weekend’s Hungarian GP., as quoted by motorsport.

“To a point where I imagine in say 10 days, two weeks into the break, I would have kind of got the holiday out of my system, and then I'll build that hunger back again. “So I'll naturally think about it, after getting time off.

That's normally how it works for me. “Again, go out with friends, drink some beers, have fun. And then I'll get to the point where I start to not feel guilty, but just like alright, time to turn it on again. And then it's kind of a natural switch that will come back probably after 14 days.

"A bit like last year, [I want to] kind of start that second half of this season with a positive bang and just to get the ball rolling. The triple header, it's intense. “So I think come out and set some strong intentions.

That's the plan. Obviously, it's easier said than done. But that's certainly the plan."

MCL36 and problems

Daniel emphasized how difficult it is for him to start the season with MCL36 "Certainly, one of the most," he said.

"I remember where in a race stint you could do 20 laps and you could stay within three tenths probably for a 20-lap stint at times, and kind of just be very in control. “I feel like stint variation is a lot bigger this year.

I'll see what the other guys are doing. But maybe it's just me, or maybe it's the whole field, but I'll be surprised if you see someone doing like 0.1s, 0.1s, 0.1s. 0.2s, 0.1s, and so I think they are just more difficult to produce."

Motorsport journalists asked Ricciardo if he felt on top of the car yet: "There's some laps, which I'll put together, and kind of make sense. And I'm like, that was sweet. But then a couple of laps later, I might drop four tenths or something, and then I'm like, ughh...

“It's not so simple, like a dot-to-dot, there's some hurdles before getting to the next dot. And so that's a little complicated. “I guess when it's on more of a knife-edge or when there's more variables, that's where it starts to become that step more difficult."