Lewis Hamilton drives Max Verstappen crazy: "F*ck, I don't want to do it!"

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Lewis Hamilton drives Max Verstappen crazy: "F*ck, I don't want to do it!"
Lewis Hamilton drives Max Verstappen crazy: "F*ck, I don't want to do it!" (Provided by Sport World News)

Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton had an incredible conversation with each other in the Red Bull Ring paddock during the weekend of the Austrian GP then won by the Ferrari driver, which would have infuriated Max Verstappen In the summary video published by Ferrari YouTube official, a segment is shown in which the Ferrari driver talks to the seven-time world champion.

The discussion between them which has as its object the duel between the two at the Copse curve which ended with an overtaking by Leclerc. The year before in that same corner Lewis Hamilton entered the inside while then title rival Max Verstappen tried to take the position by moving on the outside with the two making contact and the Dutchman had the worst of finishing outside.

track and then violently crashing into the barriers. In the post-race, the Briton had thrown a dig at the Red Bull driver who then replied by noting how in the episode that saw him protagonist together with the Ferrari driver, the seven-time world champion this time had kept the rope thus leaving space for all outside to pass.

In the private interview immortalized by the video, Hamilton seems to confirm: "I said to myself, f*ck, I don't want to hit you and send you out!" A confession that of Lewis Hamilton that certainly will not please Verstappen supporters.

Leclerc and Verstappen's words after the Austrian GP

Leclerc said at the end of the race: "It was a great race. Complicated by the problems with the accelerator in the final: it was the pedal that gave me bizarre sensations: before I didn't pull it up, then it didn't go all the way.

A victory that it was necessary: ​​seeing that we have the pace tells us that we can fight to the end. It was very nice. " Max Verstappen added: "It was a complicated day. With all the tire compounds I never had the grip to attack Charles. But second place is still decent. Nice to do it in front of all this crowd in orange is always great."

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