Andreas Seidl: We simply need to stay calm and keep working together

"We should definitely be in a position to move up some positions"

by Sead Dedovic
Andreas Seidl: We simply need to stay calm and keep working together

Daniel Ricciardo is not exactly in the best situation as far as his car is concerned. McLaren boss Andreas Seidl believes that they must create the conditions for Ricciardo to show his full potential. “We simply need to stay calm and keep working together, in order to see what we can do also on the car side in order to help him get more out of the car, which we are doing.

Daniel is very critical about himself as well, which is good, but in the end we have to do a better job as a team. We need to give him a more reliable car, so that he can also do the practice sessions as you want to do them to get through the full programme.

We need in general to get the car performance more up, and then I'm sure both drivers are in a position to score the results”. - he said as quoted by motorsport.

Austria opening day

Opening day in Austria was not the best for them.

There were many problems for both drivers. “It was a tough Friday, and obviously for us just not good enough as a team,” added Seidl. “I guess it is not typical for us, so we need to get to the bottom of this and make sure we eliminate all these different issues as quickly as possible.

If you look at FP1, then on Daniel's side unfortunately we had a DRS issue which compromised his run plan. We could not go through the full programme like that, as his focus was on solving the DRS issue. For Lando, unfortunately after we installed a new PU for this weekend, he had a power loss: something we still have to investigate together with our colleagues from Mercedes.

We had to go back to a used power unit from the pool for qualifying, although still we managed to get both cars ready then for qualifying. But then right away from the first outing we experienced a BBW issue on Lando's side which didn’t allow him to push the car to the limit, or give him confidence." They expect much better results in the rest of the season.

“On Daniel's side, he struggled to extract the performance from the car which was a shame. And unfortunately with the field being so close together on lap time, he could not progress into Q2 which is obviously a bad outcome.

“Being 14th and 15th after qualifying, luckily, we have a sprint race because I think with the package we have here, if we get the reliability issues sorted, we should definitely be in a position to move up some positions.

That will then put us in a better position for the race on Sunday because the goal is to still get the cars in the points”.