Honda is ready to help the F1 teams to build engines

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Honda is ready to help the F1 teams to build engines

Honda officially confirmed its withdrawal from Formula 1 at the end of 2021 last week, but Honda's F1 director, Masashi Yamamoto, points out that the Japanese manufacturer could continue to support Red Bull and Alpha Tauri after 2021.

Despite their withdrawal from Formula 1, they will participate in the whole F1 program in one way but in another. This time they are ready to help other teams in building their engines but in other aspects as well "Honda will continue to work with Red Bull and Alpha Tauri and make every effort and strive for new victories until the end of 2021," said the Japanese manufacturer, which explained its departure from F1 by changing the company's strategic goals.

According to the announcement, Red Bull and Alpha Tauri will be left without engine suppliers for 2022 and should agree to cooperate with existing manufacturers - Mercedes, Ferrari, or Renault. However, there is another option, according to which Red Bull would take over Honda's intellectual property and continue to develop the engine within its program.

Honda-Red Bull cooperation

Red Bull said they would take the time to find the best solution and did not make any request to Honda, but the director of Honda told F1 that this story is probably not impossible. “Honda would love to talk to them if they need us in any way, not just in terms of powertrains, but other things as well.

We would be happy to work together and support AlphaTauri and Red Bull in their post-2021 programs in some way. ” Yamamoto showed how good a man he is when he said that he is actually ready to help anyone if needed and that he is ready to cooperate.

F1 fans are probably happy to hear this kind of news because the essence of sports is agreement and cooperation, of course, rivalry, but positive “As Honda, we got a lot from these teams and we would like to reciprocate in a nice way in the future.

Should the teams make such a request, I am ready to talk to Japan. Personally, I want to support the team as much as possible, ”said Masashi Yamamoto. Whose engines will run Red Bull and AlphaTauri cars from 2022 remains a big unknown for now.

Working with Mercedes or Ferrari is pretty hard to expect, and the breakup with Renault was pretty awkward at the end of 2018. What will Horner, Marko, and team owner Mateschitz come up with this time around? They will certainly have to think carefully about their decision if they want to bring positive results to their team. However, we do not doubt their decisions and we believe that they will choose the best one