Carlos Sainz: "I'm hungry for victories"

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Carlos Sainz: "I'm hungry for victories"

Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz, winner of the Siverstone GP in the UK, spoke at a press conference before the Austrian GP about what he is aiming for. He said: "It's hard to explain the joy, now I want to win again. It's a question of balance.

There is nothing wrong with fidgeting a little on the radio, but other times you need to calm down and trust the team. But it's a balance that you gain with experience. In Austria it will be an interesting weekend with the Sprint.

This year it will be even more intense. I am unable to describe what is going on in my head after the win at Silverstone. A victory that has given me the hunger to try again. In Maranello the welcome was great and I was with some friends." Also at the press conference Max Verstappen said: "I like the track in Austria a lot, we did well in the past here.

I was losing two seconds per lap when Tsunoda's debris clung to the bottom. It was hard, a wedge blocked the bottom. I thought it was a puncture problem, then the suspension, the car was far from normal while working on the balance."

Carlos Sainz: "I'm hungry for victories"

Magnussen explained: "Nice to be back in points at Silverstone, things were not going the way we wanted for 5 ares.

And we scored points with both cars and in a crazy race like that it was a very positive aspect. We need more. performance overall, to develop the car better and hopefully we can. But it's nice to always be fighting. Clinging with your nails but always able to score points.

Never worked with a piscologist, but nervousness never helps. Although I don't think it can affect racing. The day I don't get angry anymore, maybe I won't run anymore. Of course, you have to keep calm as much as possible. " Ocon added: "Race number one hundred time flies.

Fantastic and exciting to reach this milestone. Today I am a better driver and I know what to do, also how to collaborate with a team to try to get the best of it. There were so many good times. and I hope to have more. Silverstone was not a linear weekend, but let's turn the page and look forward to try to have a good result here.

It is not easy to stay calm in the car, but it is important to come back to yourself after the anger. And I worked on this for a long time before getting into F1."