McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl on F1 issue

“The problem that is still left from the past, I will say, is this topic of the DRS trains."

by Sead Dedovic
McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl on F1 issue

There is a lot of talk about the DRS trains issue, and McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl spoke a little more about it and gave his opinion. “I think that it's a topic that we touched on in some discussions from time to time already,” Seidl said, as quoted by motorsport.

“And that's probably something we need to look again into with the other teams, with the FIA and F1. “With the regulations as we have put them in place now for this year, we definitely have seen that the cars, when they are fighting each other, it's a lot better now to follow closer to each other without killing the tyre straightaway.

“The problem that is still left from the past, I will say, is this topic of the DRS trains. “Depending on how this train is looking like, and which car is at the front, and if that is a car that actually can hold everyone else back, that can lead to some boring scenarios in the middle of the pack.

“I think that's something we might still have to look in to, to see what we could do there, because I think we have seen that several times already this year”.

Hamilton and Sainz on the race

Lewis Hamilton was happy with the car at the British GP.

Lewis Hamilton said: "That was very reminiscent of the karting days. And I feel that that's Formula 1 at its best. The fact that we were able to follow and dice like that, lap on lap is a testament to the direction I think that we're now in." Carlos Sainz thinks this is a great step for F1.

British GP race winner Carlos Sainz added: "I think it's a great step forward done by Formula 1, and today's [Sunday] just proof of that. I feel like these cars have improved a lot the racing in high-speed corners and Silverstone was a great example of how much better it is to follow.

"In the high speed the car is just a lot more predictable, so you don't get weird snaps like we were getting last year. Also quite surprised about the slipstream effect. "I know with these cars it is not as big as last year, but as soon as Max [Verstappen] or Charles [Leclerc] passed me I could stay within reach, thinking I was slower, but then suddenly you are behind and you gain four tenths or half a second of pace, just because of the slipstream, which helps you to stay within reach of all the cars."