Vettel dissatisfied with the Ferrari adventure

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Vettel dissatisfied with the Ferrari adventure

Speaking for the F1 Beyond the Grid podcast, Sebastian Vettel commented on the period spent at Ferrari and the failures he experienced in the Italian team. He admitted there were quarrels he shouldn’t have gotten into and revealed what motivated him to sign a contract with Aston Martin for 2021.

Sebastian Vettel is doing his sixth and final season at Ferrari. He admits that his time in the famous Italian team cannot be called successful and explains why… "It is true that I failed because I set myself the mission to win the championship with Ferrari.

There are things I should have done better, things I should have seen earlier, quarrels I shouldn’t have gotten into. However, I think that everything that happened led me to where I am today. ” “Generally, I’m not talking about things that happened on the track.

I lost control of the car in Hockenheim in conditions that were semi-rainy, so many people think it was one of the worst moments, but I'm not talking about such things. " "If I'm going, to be honest, and strict, then I have to say I didn't make it.

Was there a reason? Probably yes, but I don’t accept them as excuses. Everything that happened took me to the next step forward and the next level, ”says Sebastian. “It may not have been worth fighting some of the battles I fought, but it’s probably in my nature.

I think I was right in some of those minor quarrels and battles, but I think in the end it matures and learns through things like that. I'm happy to go beyond that. "

Racing Point

And the next step in the German's career will be Racing Point, a team with a new identity called Aston Martin.

There has been speculation for a long time whether the 33-year-old Vettel will retire as a driver, but in the end, he agreed with Lawrence Stroll and will replace Sergio Perez. "There were many factors. I think it was easy to put a tick next to what it was about performance and the racing side.

Where the team is, where it could be, and what its potential is. Sounds like a fun project and I decided I wanted to be a part of it. It's very different from Ferrari, although Racing Point, or Aston Martin in the future, will grow as a team.

” “A lot is going to happen for the first time and I think it’s an incredibly challenging journey for the whole team. I hope that with my arrival I will help in many things and be good in the car and out of it ", said Vettel and returned to Ferrari for a short time.

“I love racing and I look forward to racing. I don’t regret the past years because I learned a lot through time at Ferrari, in a different team and a different culture. Yes, Ferrari is a special team in a lot of ways and I guess it will be different where I go and I'm looking forward to it. ”