Yuki Tsunoda is honest on what caused the accident

"I mean, definitely, we've got to have a conversation"

by Sead Dedovic
Yuki Tsunoda is honest on what caused the accident

Yuki Tsunoda accepted his guilt after the collision with AlphaTauri Formula 1 teammate Pierre Gasly "Well, from my side, my speed it was easy to make the corner," he said formotorsport. "But at the same time I didn't expect that he'd close the door.

I mean, he didn't close the door fully, but it was not enough space, I would say, to turn." He is sorry for the team that this situation has come to this. "Obviously, if we drive battling each other, we want to give the minimum room as much as much as possible, because you don't want to let the car pass so easily.

So I can understand Pierre. Of course, definitely I can wait for a different opportunity. I would say the main thing is I'm sorry for the team. "I mean, definitely, we've got to have a conversation. Obviously my other situation, I was faster clearly.

But anyway, that's my fault I would say. Nothing I can say other than this."


He accepted his mistake again, but it was also obvious that he did not expect some things from his opponent. "There was no overspeed. I will say it was still possible to keep me in the white line in the exit, because I obviously I tried to overtake before the corner, not in the middle of the corner.

"And I didn't expect he'd try to still fight against me in a corner, but that was my mistake. You know, my expectation management was not good enough. So this is the thing I can learn. This is the thing I have to avoid next time." Gasly could not hide his displeasure after the race.

Things seem to be going well, and he seems furious that it had to come to this. There will be a lot of discussions within the team, and Gasly will have the opportunity already in the next race to try to fix things. "I'm extremely disappointed because we were in such a good position after the restart, both in the points on a track where we struggled massively," said the Frenchman.

"So something which needs to be discussed internally, and I'm not going to start talking here, but I'm extremely disappointed to lose an opportunity like this. "In a difficult season like we're having we can't miss this sort of opportunity. It's the first time we're having such a scenario in such a situation. It was just unnecessary."