Toto Wolff on Mercedes' donations: We’ve put the money where our mouth is

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Toto Wolff on Mercedes' donations: We’ve put the money where our mouth is

Toto Wolff, Lewis Hamilton, and the entire Mercedes team stand firmly in the fight against racism or any form of discrimination. Mercedes revealed that their partner IWC will auction the last piece from Toto Wolff's IWC watch collection, and the price will be 58,000 pounds.

“I think what we’ve launched, we’ve put the money where our mouth is,” Wolff said. We have put $6.2million into Ignite, that Lewis personally committed and the team. So it’s not small. And then we have partners like IWC with an immediate reaction – ‘OK, I’m part of this, the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to take one watch, we’re going to auction it, and this goes right into Ignite’.

And for sure, it’s not the last thing we’ve done together in that project. It’s not only talking, especially putting money in and setting standards that hopefully others will follow."- he said, as quoted by crash.

“Because we are so much in our little microcosmos here, everybody from the other teams in their little pursuit, but we’ve got to do something. This is a global platform and we need to utilise it”. Toto Wolff: We should be role models Toto Wolff answered a reporter's question whether he thinks other F1 teams should follow Mercedes' example and do similar things: "I think so, yes, because each of us can make a contribution.

We are in a sport that generates billions of dollars of revenue and hundreds of millions of revenue for each of the teams. The drivers are multi-times millionaires, and everybody’s, like, hiding away, when we should be role models and saying we are actually really doing something rather than saying ‘we are working on it.

And yes, we are against discrimination and we are against racism’.

Mercedes is fighting against racism

Mercedes has shown countless times that they fight against racism. They believe that equality in any sport is necessary.

But not only in sports, but in everyday life. Wolff emphasized that he did not notice other teams doing similar things as them. “That’s great, but you can afford it. You can do something that’s really meaningful.

And I think it needs one that goes ahead. Lewis’ commitment was £20m into Mission 44. “What we’re doing here is real money. And I think that hopefully we can trailblaze for the community overall in doing something.

“Because I’m not aware, apart from Instagram posts, [that] anybody’s done anything else”. We will see if that will change in the future.

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