Toto Wolff: One swallow doesn't make a summer

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Toto Wolff: One swallow doesn't make a summer

After a great result in Montreal, Mercedes ’appetites have increased, and they now have bigger ambitions for the rest of the season. It seems that some key problems have been solved and will be much easier for them. However, Toto Wolff believes that they should be careful and that nothing is over yet.

Still, he is happy about the obvious progress, but things are far from over.
“One swallow doesn't make a summer,” he said for motorsport. “We saw that swallow in Barcelona, but somehow it flew somewhere else.

“I think we need to be careful. We were off the pace on Friday. In the wet we were good, and I think that was respectable. And I think that in the race, at times, we were with the quickest cars. In the second stint Lewis and George were almost matching the frontrunners.

They were not quite, but on some laps, yes. “That is very encouraging to see. But we just need to be careful. There's so much work we need to do in order to be back at the front, and we are not yet there”.

Lewis Hamilton is optimistic

Lewis Hamilton hasn’t had much luck since the end of last season.

At one point there were even rumors that he would leave F1 due to injustice. Still, there he is, but his season is far from good. What gives him optimism is that many things have been resolved and will be more competitive for the rest of the season.

“It’s given me and the team a lot of hope,” Hamilton said. “I think that there's more to come from this car. The potential is truly there if we can get the set-up right, and I think that's been the most difficult thing this year: really trying to optimise the set-up.

“The window for this car is much, much smaller than any other car we've experienced”. Wolff is happy for Lewis Hamilton and his performance in Montreal after all the adversity he has had. This gives Wolff optimism and Mercedes now has a good chance to change the whole season.

Let's wait though. “There were a lot of races that it worked against him, where he could have scored a podium or a much better result and it was not his wrongdoing but bad luck,” said Wolff. “Seeing him now on the positive side and being on the podium without anything in a way gifted, that's good to see”.

Toto Wolff