Max Verstappen on Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes: They should just focus on themselves

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Max Verstappen on Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes: They should just focus on themselves

Porpoising is a huge problem for all teams in F1, however Mercedes has the most problems. The FIA has decided to react and change the rules to reduce the problem. Verstappen, however, is against changes in the middle of the season.

“Obviously in front of you, it’s one thing, and another in the background, sometimes people say different things,” Hamilton said, as quoted by motorsport. Verstappen reacted to Hamilton's statements.

“It's not only him, but his teammate as well. They speak for other people. "They should just focus on themselves and say what they think. So just speak for themselves instead of involving other people into it”.

Leclerc is also dissatisfied because of new FIA rules, given that they have managed to solve the problem. “We've been working to get on top of those issues,” Leclerc said “I think the improvement has been massive, and now all of the work that we've done, [do we] just put it in the bin because obviously there's maybe one team that is struggling more than others.

“This is my point of view. I obviously understand that on Mercedes it's very bad, but I also think that there are maybe fixes for this”. Hamilton has expressed dissatisfaction several times this season. "It's like the car is getting worse, like it's getting more and more unhappy the more we do to it," he said.

"We'll keep working on it and it is what it is, [as] I think this is the car for the year. We just have to tough it out and work hard on building a better car for next year."

Toto Wolff on the car

Wolff also gave his opinion on car problems.

"I think you can only start to look at the W14 when you have actually understood what you need to change on the W13," he said. "The car's not in a great place to say the least. I think we just need to see the remaining races, session by session and test by test.

And unfortunately, we don't have enough days to sort it out. "We're lacking pace, independent of a bouncing car. And realistically we're not going to win the championship by a massive margin. So maybe consolidating third is what we need to do at that stage and see what we learn."

Toto Wolff tries to give his maximum. "We are not in the championship fight and I think if we would have given Lewis a better strategy with a cool-down lap, we would have been further ahead," added Wolff. "I think George would have been probably in an equal place.

"But this is the moment where you can take risks and I am up for risks and up for ballsy calls. This is what he did and it could have been a hero moment. It wasn't, but I think you've got to go for it when you are where we are."