Valteri Bottas: Even Williams were faster than us

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Valteri Bottas: Even Williams were faster than us

Valteri Bottas had a lot of problems at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. He lacked pace, and is very frustrated about it. Some things are not clear to either Botas or his team, but obviously they will have to figure out where the biggest mistake is.

"I wish I knew, it almost feels like something is fundamentally wrong because we were so off the expected laptimes and pace, even Williams were faster than us at the end of the race which is not where our car should be," Bottas said, as quoted by motorsport.

"We changed from the old package to the new package for Saturday, and since then the issue started with the behaviour of the car. We'll have a look, I'm pretty convinced we'll find something. "From Friday to Saturday, it just felt like we lost rear grip, which is a bit strange because with the parts we changed it should have been increasing the rear end.

So we need to find out what's gone wrong. "I had no chance to match Zhou's laptimes today, he was in another league, almost one second faster which for me is quite strange."

Pujolar on the car

Alfa Romeo's head of trackside engineering Xevi Pujolar says both cars had the same configurations, but that the problem was somewhere else.

Now they have to find a solution, and be ready for what awaits them. "Since Saturday we started to have some question marks on Valtteri's car," Pujolar said. "And today it was clear that something is wrong.

We need to understand what it is at the moment, but we can see that something is not right." "Both cars are certainly the same configuration, I would say it's the same setup, everything was the same. There's something that was not working as expected."

The Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal is the next challenge for Bottas and his team, and Pujolar is hoping for a positive result. Obviously they won't be able to change many things, but they have to do much better this time.

"Probably what will happen is that we'll have to change as much as possible to fix the problem, but that's the limitation we have got in such a quick turnaround," he added. "So, we'll just try to change as much as possible to make sure that we start back to with our normal or expected performance."

A difficult season for Bottas and his team. Adaptation is necessary and working together. That's all they have left.