Lewis Hamilton dissatisfied with the judges

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Lewis Hamilton dissatisfied with the judges

FIA racing director Michael Masi says Hamilton is wrong that the judges want to stop him and treat him like other drivers, and Ross Brawn advised him to ‘lick his wounds’ and try to learn something from his mistakes.

Hamilton received a five-second penalty twice during the Russian Grand Prix for two test starts in places where it was not allowed, and the two penalty points he initially received were converted into a 25,000-euro fine by the Mercedes team.

After the race Hamilton said the penalty was ridiculous and that the judges were trying to stop him, but that it was okay and he had to stay focused no matter what. Massi wanted to show that he was always available for Hamilton.

However, he believes that the rules are there to be followed regardless of who is in question. Rules do not exist only for the "weaker", rules are norms and as such must be respected. Otherwise, anyone who breaks the rules will be punished “If Lewis wants to say something, as I’ve already said to him and all the other drivers, the door is always open and I’m more than happy to talk about anything,” said FIA racing director Michael Massi, as quoted bymaxf1 “We have judges passing fines for incidents and it doesn’t matter if it’s Lewis Hamilton or any other of the 19 drivers.

If a rule violation occurs, the judges will consider it. ”

Lewis bad luck

Brawn believes that after tough races in Monza and Sochi, Hamilton should work on how he can avoid similar mistakes in the future. “Lewis has had bad luck in recent races, with penalties at Monza and Sochi,” Brawn said.

"Personally, I would retreat, lick my wounds and think about how I could prevent such incidents from happening again." "I know his team will do it, I know a lot of people from his period in the team who will recognize that they made certain mistakes."

He believes that despite his bad luck, Hamilton must now think carefully about future actions and tactics and change his perspective on them. Mistakes are there to be learned from, and Hamilton now has to turn those mistakes into something good if he wants to continue to succeed and proudly carry titles "Bad luck and mistakes happen, it's important how you respond to them."

"It's easy to think the world is against you, but there's almost always something you could have done differently and learned from.