F1 salary cap: "We are discussing it" - Mattia Binotto

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F1 salary cap: "We are discussing it" - Mattia Binotto

F1 has done everything to make the last two seasons more interesting (2021 and 2022). They introduced a budget cap. There is now talk of a separate cap that would include salaries and other things. "We are discussing it and trying to understand what can be a solution," Binotto said, as quoted by motorsport.

"It will not be in the short term, the reason for that is we already have contracts in place, and we cannot simply breach them. There are legal implications, to understand how to do that, so it's a discussion. "It's an important one, we understand it and we recognise it will take time, but certainly we will go through the process."

Christian Horner talked about the salary cap. "There's an awful lot of things that need tidying up within the existing cap that we have, that's being rolled out to being an engine cap as well," Horner said.

"There's all kinds of complications with that, again, with companies' reporting structures, etc. So, there are many, many complexities, but I think we need to go beyond that."

Vasseur, Szafnauer and Seidl on the idea

Alfa Romeo F1 boss Frederic Vasseur seems to support the idea.

"I think it's the right approach to try to coordinate it with the budget [cap] and to have perhaps an allowance for this," said Alfa Romeo F1 boss Frederic Vasseur. "You could overshoot the limit and you will have to take part of your budget cap, I don't know.

But we have to find something like this because it's important for the sport." Alpine team principal Otmar Szafnauer also gave his opinion on the complete situation, which is obviously interesting. "I'm in favour of adding that underneath a global cap so that the teams can trade off driver skill with updates, because ultimately both things bring performance on track.

"And I think for us to have the latitude to be able to trade that off is probably the right thing." McLaren chief Andreas Seidl believes these things need to be resolved out of the public eye and the best decision made, but Formula 1 seems to be giving its best to come up with the best solution and the most interesting competition.

"At the same time, I think it's important now to simply keep continuing the discussions behind closed doors," Seidl added. "There's no point to now in public discuss how could that all work. So let's stay tuned."