Charles Leclerc: Everything went against us

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Charles Leclerc: Everything went against us

Charles Leclerc and his team were unlucky, as they finished 4th in the race due to Ferrari's mistakes.
“Sometimes mistakes can happen but there have been too many mistakes overall,” Charles Leclerc said, as quoted by motorsport.

“It is hard as it has been in the other years here, so I am getting used to it and getting back home feeling disappointed, but we cannot do that, especially in a moment that we are in now”. Matia Binotto is optimistic though and expects the best from his team.

“I'm pretty sure that those situations will make us stronger,” Binotto said. “And we are pretty aware, being competitive is a fact; winning is another task. And it's another level of difficulty. “And I think as a team, we are still progressing, learning and maybe it will take some more time”.

Obviously they are unlucky, but they will still have to work hard because the race between them and Red Bull is very close. “Certainly, it is a disappointment, when you've got the fastest car and you are scoring the pole and you're not winning the race,” Binotto added.

“It's somehow a disappointment. “What happened in Spain was a completely different story, we had reliability issues while we were clearly leading the race. Here I think there have been circumstances which make our life a bit more difficult.

But we have not been great in judging and deciding so yes, it's a disappointment”. Leclerc added: “Unfortunately everything went against us, so it hurts at home, but it's life and we'll come back stronger”.

Leclerc and Villeneuve

Mattia Binotto talked about the difference between Leclerc and Villeneuve, and it must be admitted that they are both great drivers. “If I look at Charles, [it’s] the way he is driving, his talent, and more than that, it’s the passion, the passion of the fans for him,” Binotto said.

“Being [part of] Ferrari is somehow trying to enhance the myth of the cavallino [Ferrari’s prancing horse]. There are only few drivers which are capable of doing that, and I think Charles is one of these, as was Gilles.

“Gilles was fantastic. Gilles won only six races, but remains for all the tifosi and the cavallino the driver. It really was his way of driving, his way of behaving. It's the passion he showed. “And I think Charles has got that, and that's something which is great. We are passionate as well ourselves, and we hope that he will win more than six races”.

Charles Leclerc