Charlses Leclerc: "We made too many mistakes in Monte-Carlo"

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Charlses Leclerc: "We made too many mistakes in Monte-Carlo"

Charles Leclerc talked about the Monte-Carlo GP, who finished fourth after a strategic mistake in the Ferrari garage, after he was dominating the race. He said: "It hurts me, we can't finish fourth when we're this fast. Let's just say that disappointment, anger and suffering as words are all good to describe this day.

I experience all three of these feelings, and also at a fairly high level. It hurts. There are many races, we have the pace, but especially when we are so fast we cannot afford to finish fourth with six or seven seconds of advantage.

At the beginning I was also managing the gap behind. Plus at home, we lose a lot of points. We have to improve, this victory had to be ours. There were many mistakes, I think I did everything well. I think I did everything well.

In these situations I need the help of the team: all the riders need it in seeing the times of the others on different tires.

Charlses Leclerc: "We made too many mistakes in Monte-Carlo"

We clearly made a wrong decision first, and after a second which cost us even more by painting behind Carlos.

I don't know if it was a last minute change from Carlos in the return are, but still there have been many errors. I have to relate to the race. There have been so many things, but now I just have so much disappointment. For my part, I kept my cool, I took a nice step from that point of view.

I took two angry breaths and it helped me to let myself go on the radio at that pit stop there. After I reset. Now obviously the disappointment returns. I love this team and all the people, but we have to cover everything, because it's not okay.

" Mattia Binotto added: "Charles is right, we made a mistake because we should have kept him going to defend the leadership. These are things that will make us grow. The race is not over, however, we will ask the FIA ​​for clarification on the regularity of the Red's exit from the pits. Bull. Obviously they didn't stay to the right of the line."

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