Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams want to buy Chelsea!


Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams want to buy Chelsea!

Lewis Hamilton said him and Serena Williams would like to buy Chelsea by Roman Abramovich. Hamilton explained: "I am a sports fan and soccer is the most important sport in the world. Chelsea is one of the most important. I heard about this opportunity and said: Wow, it's a great opportunity and I'm trying to take it.

I've been a football fan since I was a kid. I played until I was a teenager, on school teams. I played on the corner of the street where I lived, I was the only black kid but I wanted to settle in and this was one My sister punched me in the arm and told me: you have to cheer for Arsenal, and I was an Arsenal fan for 5-6 years, but my uncle Terry was a Blues fan and I have seen many leave with him.

Serena Williams involved in the project? We have talked about it several times, we have a very close relationship, she is an athlete and a phenomenal woman. She asked me what I thought and I told her I wanted to be involved.

and she too decided to be one. As a kid I remember collecting stickers, trading them for sweets, pennies, other children and I wanted to have the most precious ones. I tried to be the best in football, in the end I followed a road as a driver, but it was still a dream to be an integral part of a team."

Hamilton's career

Lewis Hamilton is, together with Michael Schumacher, the most successful champion in the history of Formula 1, with 7 world championships won: in 2008 with McLaren and in 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 with Mercedes.

He is also the driver with the most victories, podiums, pole positions and points in the history of the competition. Since his debut in the top category, Hamilton has won at least one race and one pole position during the world championship, making him the only driver in the history of the highest formula to have succeeded from the first season for fifteen consecutive years.

With seven world titles he is the most successful Briton of all time, as well as the only Anglo-Saxon to have managed to triumph for four consecutive editions (in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020). His race number is 44. Lewis was born in Stevenage, in the county of Hertfordshire, to Anthony Hamilton and Carmen Larbalestier.

His maternal family is originally from England, while his paternal family comes from Central America, more precisely from the State of Grenada, in the Caribbean Sea, from which his grandfather arrived in the United Kingdom in 1954.

Following the separation of the parents in 1987 , Hamilton lived with his mother and half-sisters Nicola and Samantha until the age of twelve, when he decided to move in with his father, stepmother Linda and stepbrother Nicolas.

He discovered his passion for motors in 1991, after receiving an electric model car as a gift from his father. Realizing Lewis' outstanding talent for racing, Anthony went into debt to get him on a kart, serving as his son's manager until 2010.

He is an Arsenal fan. He was engaged to Pussycat Dolls lead vocalist Nicole Scherzinger from November 2007 to February 2015. Since 2017 he has adopted a vegan diet and, again from that year, he has been involved in initiatives aimed at safeguarding the environment and animals.

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