Ferrari extends Carlos Sainz's F1 deal!

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Ferrari extends Carlos Sainz's F1 deal!

Ferrari, after a great start to the season, wants to continue in the same rhythm. They are active in the management of Ferrari in all fields, they have clearly set goals, and with this policy, they have a good chance for the title.

What delighted Ferrari fans was the news that Carlos Sainz has extended his contract for two years. Sainz was visibly happy after the new contract, and this will be his chance to further show that Ferrari has made a good move.

"I am very happy to have renewed my contract with Scuderia Ferrari," said Sainz, as quoted by motorsport. "I have always said that there is no better Formula 1 team to race for and, after over a year with them, I can confirm that putting on this race suit and representing this team is unique and incomparable.

"My first season at Maranello was solid and constructive, with the whole group progressing together. The result of all that work has been clear to see so far this season. With this move, they showed him that they have confidence in him and great expectations, and now it is up to him to meet those expectations.

"I feel strengthened by this renewed show of confidence in me and now I can't wait to get in the car, to do my best for Ferrari and to give its fans plenty to cheer about. "The F1-75 is proving to be a frontrunner, which can allow me to chase my goals on track, starting with taking my first Formula 1 win."

Binotto on Sainz new contract

Team boss Mattia Binotto is also happy with the new contract, and has shown respect for his team’s drivers. "I have said several times that I believe we have the best driver pairing in Formula 1 and so, with every passing race, it seemed a completely natural step to extend Carlos' contract, thus ensuring stability and continuity.

"In his time so far with the team, he has proved to have the talent we expected from him, delivering impressive results and making the most of all opportunities. "Outside the car, he is a hard worker with an eye for the smallest detail, which has helped the whole group to improve and progress.

"Together, we can aim for ambitious targets and I'm sure that, along with Charles, he can play a significant part in fuelling the Ferrari legend and will write new chapters in the history of our team."