Pierre Gasly on Alpha Tauri’s plans, Mazepin on the future in F1


Pierre Gasly on Alpha Tauri’s plans, Mazepin on the future in F1

Pierre Gasly is optimistic about the changes AlphaTauri wants to implement. Gasly expects only the best from the team, and hopes things will be as he expects. Maybe it is these changes that make a big difference. “We should have a couple of new parts on the car and it's not like we are dead slow,” he said, as quoted by motorsport.

“I don’t think we are missing much, but we need to come up with some development if we want to keep up with the other guys. “So personally, I'm very excited to see what it brings. It's a new car, new regulations.

We know that this season is all about development. “The teams that manage to develop their cars faster than others will have a better season. I think it's a big test for us, and hopefully it brings the performance we expect”.

Gasly has shown that he has confidence in the team, and that he has patience, so we can expect top performances from him. “Obviously the car is going to develop over the next few weeks, but I trust the team and I trust the upgrades they are going to bring,” said Gasly.

“[Australia], compared to our main competitors, has been slightly harder as McLaren made a big step forward, and Alpine as well, but I think we can be pleased to have scored points”.


What is also interesting is Mazepin and his destiny.

The Haas team decided to fire him after the war in Ukraine, and Mazepin decided to ask some questions in an interview with CNN “Everybody has a right to speak or not to speak and the FIA, the highest governing body, has enabled me to compete as long as I'm neutral,” he said.

“But I would say the biggest issue here is coming back to the sport where teams are allowed to be keeping sponsorship money without fulfilling the contract. And even asking for more, even though they say they don't want money from Russia.

So I'm not sure, but the sport values need to be evaluated for me after this”. It is not yet known if he will return, but this is a big blow for him. “It's difficult to say at this moment in time, because I'm very wary that my issue is that I've lost a job.

“I was trying to get to F1 for 17 years and then I eventually got there. But it's a very minor issue if you compare to the big things that are going on in the world right now. “Of course, I would love to get back to the sport.

I feel that I've got a lot of unfinished business there. But I need to wait until things cool down. And I don't even know who I can get back to because, you know, Haas has obviously done what they did with playing not the cleanest game, in my opinion. But it's different for me”.