Charles Leclerc: I've got a car that is capable of winning

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Charles Leclerc: I've got a car that is capable of winning

Charles Leclerc and the Ferrari team are brilliant so far, and if they continue at the same pace, they will be close to their ultimate goal: the title. Of course, there is a lot until the end, and the season has just begun.

Leclerc stressed that his team should focus entirely on itself and not on others. “To keep up with Red Bull in terms of development is going to be difficult, but it's the same team that did this car that will work on the development for this year’s car, so I am confident,” he said, as quoted by motorsport.

“There is no reason for us to be on the back foot because we've done a great job, or the guys at Maranello have done a great job, building up this car for this year. “There are some developments coming and I'm confident that it will go in the right direction.

So yeah, I wouldn't focus too much on the others. I think we need to focus on ourselves”.

Leclerc on mistakes

Leclerc also pointed out that his team handles some things much better, and that they learned a lot from their mistakes.

"Since the last two years, I've really seen a jump in the way we've analysed every weekend: in the way we have identified also our weaknesses and how quick we were to react to try and get better in the places where we were struggling,” he said.

“So yeah, I am confident that the team can do a great job with development this year”. What makes him happy is that he has a car that is ready for the biggest goals, and it is enough just to focus on what is required of him.

The pressure is great, but Leclerc seems to know how to deal with it. “Obviously, I've been in this situation in the junior categories but then to be in this situation in Formula 1 means a lot, and especially after the last few years, and especially with a team like Ferrari,” he said.

“It feels incredible. “Obviously, the mindset is a bit different compared to the last two years because now I know that underneath me I've got a car that is capable of winning. I don't really have to overdo things or to do something extremely special and spectacular to actually get one or two positions, because I know that it's in the car and I just have to do the job. So the mindset is a little bit different this year”.

Charles Leclerc