Toto Wolff: Wife Susie, her career, children

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Toto Wolff: Wife Susie, her career, children

Toto Wolff is the Team Principal & CEO of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team. Few people do not know Wolff, who has been participating in Formula 1 in various roles for many years. Wolff is one of the most recognizable faces, and his statements often provoke numerous reactions.

Although most know him as the CEO of the Mercedes F1 team, few know his private life. Wolff has been married to Susie, who has been a great support to him for many years. In an interview a few years ago, Wolff stressed how important his wife is to him, but also that it is 'discriminatory' that many know her only as his wife.

“Susie is a small woman with a big character, who was at Mercedes before I was. When I took an interest in HWA (Mercedes’ DTM team), she was already in the DTM”. “What makes me a little sad is that I am aware of doing more harm than good to her career that she built up long before she knew me I often hear her described as ‘the wife of Toto Wolff’, which is fundamentally unfair”.

Susie Wolff

Susie Wolff is also a big fan of motorsport. Since she was a child, Susie has been in the world of motorsport, and she has competed in various organizations. This couple got married in 2011, and in 2017 they had their first child.

They currently live in Monaco. Wolff also praised his wife and emphasized how good she is at what she does. Susie has been in motorsport for many years, so it’s no wonder her quality. “There are advertising contracts that she cannot conclude because of me and the conflict of interest.

She has had, and still has, a lot of compromises in terms of her career because of me,” he added. “She is the test driver at Williams because she did a good job behind the wheel, not because I was a shareholder.

At first it was a marketing idea to have a woman, and the only one at the required level was Susie”. “The team tested her and she went well. In DTM, because she was not at the front, people made comments without knowing how the sport is organised also with drivers who are in less competitive cars.

“But when she was competing directly with David Coulthard and Roberto Merhi, she was at their level. And when testing with Williams, she has shown that her level is excellent,” Wolff added. (GMM)

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