Charles Leclerc: "It will be difficult to keep up with Red Bull"

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Charles Leclerc: "It will be difficult to keep up with Red Bull"

Charles Leclerc talked about the upcoming future challenges of Ferrari, which is dominating this first glimpse of F1 season. He said to RaceFans: "Ferrari, I'm confident for the updates to come. The mentality is a bit different than the last couple of years because now I know I have a car that is capable of winning and I don't really need to overdo it or overdo it.

Do something extremely special and spectacular to get a position or two. I know the car has a lot of potential and I just have to do my job. Keeping up with Red Bull in terms of development will be difficult. But my Ferrari did a good car and it will work on its development, so I'm confident.

There are some updates coming and I'm confident they'll go in the right direction, so I wouldn't focus too much on others. I think we need to focus on ourselves."

Meanwhile in Melbourne

Charles LeClerc on Ferrari also wins the Melbourne GP, the third round of the F1 season, extending into the World Championship thanks to the retirement of Max Verstappen.

On the podium Perez and Russell. Immediately outside Carlos Sainz, who ends up in the gravel on lap 2. Out also Sebastian Vettel. The Ferrari driver wins the Australian GP and flies to +34 in the standings: Max Verstappen is at -46.

LeClerc got pole, victory, fastest lap, and the whole race in the lead. Ferrari driver explained after the victory: "Unexpected superiority in the race, in qualifying we were faster but we thought the gap was smaller with Red Bull.

The car was a beast today. The only point to improve is the restart after the race. safety car, but apart from that it was a good race." Then Charles added: "I rode the race alone, I wanted to find a way to motivate myself and that's why I asked for the fastest lap.

It went well and I'm happy. In F1 it is the first race in We checked the lead a bit. What a car we had today, honestly. Clearly we did a good job all weekend, but it wouldn't have been possible without a car like this. Especially in the race pace we were extremely strong.

The tires have I managed very well from the first to the last lap. We managed them very well. I'm delighted. Restarts? After the Safety Car they were difficult. I had enormous understeer in the last corner and I thought it would be difficult to keep my position.

ition. But then we managed to do it and after the first two three corners I regained grip and pace. Clearly we are only in the third race, it is difficult to think about the championship, but to be honest we have a very strong, very reliable car and for now we have always been there.

We hope to continue like this. If we succeed we will have a chance to win the championship. This makes me smile after two difficult years like the last, for the team and for me."