Carlos Sainz on his 'worst' race and his colleague Charles Leclerc

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Carlos Sainz on his 'worst' race and his colleague Charles Leclerc

Carlos Sainz had a lot of problems in Austria, and he will try to learn from his mistakes. He is happy with the success of Leclerc, his colleague, but his goal will be to make equal progress.
“Charles is driving very well,” said Sainz, as quoted by motorsport.

“As he says, he has understood this car very well and he's doing great things with it. “Of course it's a great car, but I also believe he's putting together some very strong races, and some very strong performances.

So I was excited about qualy and the race, just to see how much progress I had made. “But unfortunately it didn’t happen. There was always going to be one race where things were not going to go my way, and there was always going to be a race where I was going to end up doing a mistake.

So now the important thing is to learn from it. "The important thing is just to come back to try and be more perfect, and try to look into every single detail more because, with the car that we have this year, I feel like every race that you don't finish, you're going to be losing a lot of points that you could have scored”.

Carlos Sainz and his worst race

Sainz will obviously learn from his mistakes, and this is probably one of his worst races. But Ferrari has quality, they have everything they need to be on top. This could be a magical season for them- “I don't remember exactly my other 100 and something races in F1, so it's tricky to know if it's the worst one, but it's definitely a weekend that it looked like it was going well,” he said.

“It looked like I was a lot more at home with the car and putting together some strong laps during the weekend. "And all of a sudden, everything turned out to be probably just one of my most disappointing weekends.

I'm not going to neglect it. “The important thing is that I learned from it, that we also learn as a team from it, to be more perfect, to be more strong, and to be more robust in all the aspects. And, keeping in mind, that with 20 races to go, anything can happen.

“We can only use this weekend as a booster to make sure that we learn from it and we have a more perfect 20 races left”.