Lewis Hamilton: It's frustrating to be 1.2 seconds slower with your 'fast lap'

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Lewis Hamilton: It's frustrating to be 1.2 seconds slower with your 'fast lap'

Lewis Hamilton says his Mercedes isn’t reacting to the setup changes and is frustrated to be over a second slower with his fast lap. He finished ‘hard training’ in 13th place, 1.5 seconds slower than the fastest Charles Lecler.

"There's not much we can do now," Hamilton said. "This is the current situation and we have to drive like that." "It's frustrating because I'm trying to push, and you're trying to catch up, and even when you have a good lap, you're still 1.2 seconds slower and that's devastating." The changes the team made with the W13 car between today’s two workouts did not improve the balance of the car, Hamilton added.

"Nothing we change on the car makes much of a difference right now. It's too hard." "Let's be optimistic and make some changes and then nothing will improve. We made some changes before the second training. Then the first training was better, the second was harder for us.

The car is complicated. ” The team has failed to address the bouncing problems they have had since the start of the season. George Russel said it was even worse in Australia. “We’re definitely bouncing a lot,” he said.

"In the ninth corner, it's perhaps the worst bounce I've ever experienced." "I think it's something we have to deal with right now. We think it's the fastest for us on the track. " "Maybe it's not. But we have to read the data and understand.

we went through everything in terms of settings and everything had a similar result and we have to understand and solve that. "

Russell on his car

Although the car does not have a good pace, Russell says that he is satisfied with the balance.

"We are not in the position we want to be, a lot of cars from the middle row are faster than us and of course we are far from the first row. Therefore, we must work tonight and understand the limitations. " "The car was good, it wasn't that bad.

It was a little weird, I was improving on my soft component. I know that was the case with a lot of drivers, but from my side it looked much more extraordinary. ” This season could be full of surprises as it is obvious that some teams are in big decline, while some could have the best days in the last few years. This is what most fans wanted. That's why we will enjoy a phenomenal season.

Lewis Hamilton