Toto Wolff: There is no magic solution for Melbourne

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Toto Wolff: There is no magic solution for Melbourne

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff is clear that he will not find a magical solution to their problems in Australia, so the goal for the third race this year is to minimize the damage again. The Silver Arrows must get the most out of their car and seize every opportunity for a good result in Melbourne.

After two tough races, in which they were not on the same level as Red Bull and Ferrari, Mercedes will embark on the same philosophy of minimizing the damage on a racing weekend in Australia. Silver Arrows has yet to find the right key for his W13 car, and Wolff admits there is no magic solution to his problems.

The goal at the Australian Grand Prix will be to try to get closer to Ferrari and Red Bull as they try to use every possible opportunity that comes their way to achieve the best possible result. "We are in the line of learning and from the first two weekends, it was clear that we have a lot to understand.

At the moment, the performance on the track is not going according to our expectations, but everyone in the factories is very focused on understanding the problem and finding the best solutions, ”says Wolff. "There will be no magic solution for Australia, but we are trying to gain time for the next few races.

We hope to be closer to the best, but in order to do that, we must make the most of every opportunity and get the most out of the package we have, "he added.

Wolff on Lewis and George

On the other hand, Wolff welcomes the great teamwork of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell who are helping to overcome the problems that have arisen since the first pre-season tests.

The drivers of the German team are helping to work with the data from the simulators ahead of the Australian GP, ​​which they eagerly await because it is always a pleasure to drive Formula 1 races in a country that has a great passion for motorsport.

"We have many challenges ahead of us and this is the time when the team must show its true spirit. Lewis and George make an important contribution to the overall data effort: time (spent) in the simulator and teamwork, ”concluded Wolff.

This could be the current season for Mercedes, but they should not be written off in advance, given that they have shown their quality in previous years. They will still have to do their best to improve the car Hamilton is pretty frustrated about everything, but no one doubts the Mercedes team, because we know they can do wonders.

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