Carlos Sainz; The first victory in F1 is my goal!

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Carlos Sainz; The first victory in F1 is my goal!

Carlos Sainz has won two podiums in the first two races of the season, but the Spaniard has bigger goals and says he wants to finally achieve his first Formula One victory this year. Sainz started his second season well as a Ferrari driver as he won two podiums in the first two races.

But this year the Spaniard wants to finally climb to the top of the podium: "I would like to win, and then we will see. I'm chasing my dreams in Formula One — I want to get my first win, and then I want to win the title.

But to win the title, you have to win the race first. " "I will continue to chase the team. I'm not saying it's going to happen, but I get up every morning with the same thoughts and go to sleep with the same thoughts, so I want that to happen, "Sainz said when asked what his main goal for this season is.

Ferrari has started this season very well. They currently have the fastest car with Red Bull and hold first place in the constructors' standings. Sainz started the season a bit worse compared to Leclerc because the Monegasque was much faster than the Spaniard in both races, but Sainz is sure that he will soon be in top form.

"I have been ready for my first victory for some time. To win the title, you have to constantly win and you have to be constantly on the podium. In the last few years, I have shown and proved to myself that I can reach the podium every time I have the opportunity.

" "I had the opportunity to win once or twice and I almost did it. I am convinced that I can be there if you give me the right car, "Sainz added.

Max Verstappen on AUSTRALIA

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen, who finished on the podium at the last Australian Grand Prix in 2019, is looking forward to driving here again and believes track changes could have a significant impact during Sunday’s race.

“I’m really looking forward to the new race in Australia; it's been a long time! The atmosphere is always good, "commented the Dutchman. “It will be interesting to see the track upgrades. I think they will make a big difference, especially in turn 6, where the most significant change took place.

" “It will be interesting to see how the car will behave in Australia; the track can sometimes be quite dusty, ”added Verstappen. "I hope we will be able to spend another pleasant weekend as a team, so let's see what happens on Sunday," concluded the Dutch driver. "There should also be more opportunities to overtake now, which is always positive," he added.