Mercedes reveal how they want to change the continuation of the season

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Mercedes reveal how they want to change the continuation of the season

Mercedes racing director Andrew Shovlin says they are aware of the lack of performance they have behind Ferrari and Red Bull, but the advantage they have over the teams behind them is focused on solving the problem. Silver Arrows is convinced that their advantage over the middle of the grid helps them to try different settings on the car, although these purposes sometimes do not end properly, as happened with Lewis Hamilton in qualifying for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Mercedes is one of the big surprises of the season and not in a positive way. The team's performance is well behind Ferrari and Red Bull, which is a heavy blow for the record holders after winning consecutive constructor (8) titles in a row.

The German team is aware of the backlog that separates them from the leading positions, but they are looking at a brighter side compared to the middle of the grid, which is currently led by Alpine. This contrast gives them room to rethink and take new risks to improve the performance of their W13 car.

"We are aware that there is a difference in performance at the top, in fact, it was bigger in Jeddah than in Bahrain. However, it seems that we have a margin behind the middle of the grid, which gives us little time to experiment on the weekends and look for solutions to improve the performance of the car, "admitted Shovlin.

Lews Hamilton settings

Not everything goes well in this search for solutions, because there is a risk when trying different configurations. This happened to Lewis Hamilton with his settings at the last qualifiers for the Saudi Grand Prix, where he finished in sixteenth place.

The racing director of Mercedes adds that they do not understand the car after the first two races. He explains that he is constantly looking for settings from the seven-time world champion. "We still don't understand the car well, we only had two races.

So we’re always exploring new settings for Lewis, trying to find a solution. But basically, the problem right now is that the car is not fast enough and until we succeed, we will have to continue to take those risks, "concluded Andrew Shovlin.

Mercedes has never been so far from the title, but they should not be written off, because so far they have shown how ready they are and not to give up until the end. However, it looks like this could be the toughest season for Lewis Hamilton so far.