Matia Binotto: Ferrari is much better prepared for the development of the car

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Matia Binotto: Ferrari is much better prepared for the development of the car

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto says his team is "much better prepared" for upgrades than was previously the case for the inevitable development war that will take place this season in Formula One. Ferrari and Red Bull started the 2022 season in their own league as the two teams dominated the racing weekends in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia: Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen are significantly ahead of the others.

The performances and results of the Italian team have already started to be noticed in the first pre-season tests because their F1-75 car looked very good. But the head of the Italian team has made it clear that Ferrari will need a strong development program to maintain its momentum.

It is the development - upgrades of the car that have not been the strong point of the team in recent seasons, but the Swiss engineer says that the Scuderia has solved its weaknesses in this key area. “Maintaining the level over a long season is a challenge, not only for us but for all teams,” Binotto said.

It is true that our competitors have a very strong development; in 2017 and 2018, we lost a bit of our position. ” “But since then, in car design, we have improved our (air) tunnel, technologies, processes and simulations.

So, today we are much better prepared than in the past for a good job with development, ”he added. “Also, we have a limited budget that will affect the rate of development. We have to make sure that we have the right policy on that, because that could change the game in the fight for development.



Ferrari's engineers at Maranello last year worked tirelessly to design and develop their new car for the new era of Formula 1. In addition, the engine department of the Italian manufacturer followed suit. "Last year we were behind and we tried to catch up, and now we are here.

In the first two races, so far the difference seems to be very small - and we are coming to convergence, where (the engine) was missing last year, it is no longer, ”says Binotto. Unlike its rivals Red Bull and Mercedes, Ferrari has not brought upgrades to its F1-75 car since the start of the season, and that trend will continue in Melbourne as they want to fully understand their hope for this season.

In addition, there is a budget limit, so any upgrades should work properly. “It’s not just a question of when we’ll be ready, it’s a question of budget constraints, to make sure we don’t spend everything we have on the first races,” he knows.

“We don’t expect significant upgrades for the next race in Melbourne, but as soon as we can bring something, we will do it,” the Ferrari boss concluded.