Valtteri Bottas wins Russian GP

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Valtteri Bottas wins Russian GP

Valtteri Bottas won the Russian Grand Prix ahead of Max Verstappen! The Finn celebrated in a race with as many as 30,000 fans after taking the lead in the 17th lap when Lewis Hamilton went into boxing. The Briton finished in third place and also suffered two five-second time penalties for unsafe practice before the start of the race.

Sergio Perez finished fourth. Daniel Ricciardo finished in fifth place, and sixth-placed Charles Leclerc had a great race. Esteban Ocon is in the seventh place, and the home crowd was delighted by Daniil Kvjat in the eighth place.

Pierre Gasly and Alexander Albon close the circle of points winners.

The course of the race

The race started a few minutes after 13:10 by european time. Fantastic start for Valtteri Bottas and Daniel Ricciardo! The Finn instantly overtook Max Verstappen in second place and even had a legitimate chance to overtake Lewis Hamilton.

However, the Briton had an inside line ahead of the second turn and is successfully defending his first place. At least for now. As for Ricciard, the Australian took advantage of the slipstream and overtook Verstappen before the end of the plain.

Already in the first lap we see Safety Car for the first time in today's race. Two accidents happened at the same time, in the first Carlos Sainz hit a protective wall after he flew off the track. This is a misjudgment of the McLaren driver, who may have been confused by the orange arrows because he inexplicably turned left.

In another incident, Lance Stroll was hit in the back end of his pink car, and repeated footage showed Charles Leclerc hitting him. By the time the Safety Car came out Max Verstappen had regained third place in the fourth corner, and Ricciard’s mistake in the seventh turn had cost him fourth place taken by Esteban Ocon.

Lando Norris in all that chaos picked up the damaged parts of the car which damaged his floor. He is now 18th after qualifying for eighth place. In the 17th lap the leading driver of the race also goes to boxing. Hamlton returned to 11th place on the track by riding on hard tires.

The Mercedes ace, like Ricciardo, plans to stay on them until the end of the race. The Briton also served his ten-second time penalty, meaning he is now driving to the end, with no outside factors. In the 22nd round the order is as follows; Bottas leads the race with a 6.9-second lead and the fastest lap.

The Finn, like second-placed Verstappen, was still not in boxing. In third place is Charles Leclerc, 20 seconds behind Red Bull. Of course, the Ferrari driver was not in boxing, as was teammate Sebastian Vettel in seventh position.

Fourth is Daniil Kvyat, also in the "overcut", and fifth is Lewis Hamilton, who made up for almost all lost positions. Sergio Perez made a great overcut over Renault drivers and is in sixth place. Gasly ran for new tires during the VSC, which pushed him to 11th place.

However, he doesn't need much to overtake Albon for the 10th place, and the ninth-placed Norris will not run away for a long time. Albon is another in a series of drivers with a penalty of five seconds… The order did not change until the end of the race and Bottas wins!