F1 will race in Jeddah!

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F1 will race in Jeddah!

F1 will race in Jeddah despite the attack of the Yemeni rebels while the free practice of the Saudi Arabian GP was underway. A Yemeni rebel rocket was launched on Aramco oil facilities, about 20 km from the circuit. After taking to the track for free 2, Domenicali confirmed after an evening summit: "We run regularly."

The meetings between drivers and team principals went on until night: the decision was made after 4 and a half hours. A rocket launched by the Yemeni rebels hit an Aramco oil plant near Jeddah, about 20 km away from the circuit that hosted the free practice of Formula 1.

It is a joint attack by the Yemeni on five sensitive targets in Saudi Arabia. We recall that Aramco has been a global partner of F1 since 2020, with brands on the track, and is the main sponsor of both the United States Grand Prix and, as of this year, of Aston Martin.

Stefano Domenicali, CEO of F1, confirms that the weekend of the Arabian GP will take place regularly, despite the attack by the Yemeni rebels: "We are all here, it is safe to race. We have received reassurances from the local authorities.

We believe in them and we will move forward. regularly with the event. Security is guaranteed, they have all systems to protect the area." Stefano Domenicali, in an interview with Sky Sport, spoke about the Saudi Arabian GP following the attack by the Yemeni rebels on an oil plant in Jeddah.

Domenicali after the meeting with the drivers, teams and the FIA ​​president, Mohammed Bin Sulayem, said: "Guaranteed our safety." We received reassurances from the local authorities. We believe in them and will move forward with the event on a regular basis.

Security is guaranteed, they have all the systems to protect the area. " F1 said: "Stefano summoned the Team Principals and the drivers to keep abreast of the information shared by the authorities. He informed them that the weekend will go as planned and safety for the event ahead of this incident was a priority for the teams.

authorities. H e will continue to keep them all updated on any further information and will likely meet with the Team Principals tonight to share any further information." Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton reached the podium, precisely third place, in the Bahrain GP, the first race of the new F1 season.

The British driver struggled in the race, keeping his teammate Russell behind all the race. The race was won by the two Ferrari, with Charles Leclerc, winner of the GP, ahead of his teammate Carlos Sainz. The British driver said: "Congratulations to Ferrari, it is a historic team and I am happy for Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz.

For us it was a difficult race and what has come is the best result we could have achieved. We did everything we could and we are happy for the points earned. I am sorry for the two of Red Bull. Our team is working hard, the turning point is not around the corner but we are a united team."

Speaking at Expo 2022 in Dubai, the British driver Lewis Hamilton revealed that he wanted to add to his surname the maiden name of his mother Carmen, Larbalestier. The 7 times F1 world champion will therefore be called Lewis Hamilton-Larbalestier, probably already from the first Bahrain GP.

Hamilton explains: "I don't understand why when two people get married the woman has to lose her surname. I am really proud of my family name, Hamilton. But I have requested that my mother's Larbalestier be added to my surname.

I want her to continue. together with that Hamilton. When will the change take place? Hopefully soon, I don't know if it will be by this weekend, but we're working on it. It would mean a lot for my family to win the eighth title."