Toto Wolff: Russell’s approach is ‘more intellectual’ than Verstappen’s

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Toto Wolff: Russell’s approach is ‘more intellectual’ than Verstappen’s

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says George Russell’s approach to racing is more from an intellectual standpoint than Max Verstappen has. Wolff gave his opinion on the difference between the British and the Dutch when it comes to their approach to racing.

"I think Max's approach - and this is Russell's saying since karting days - is either win or throw." "And George's approach to racing is more from an intellectual standpoint, while he still has all the skills besides that."

The Austrian continues that it is impossible to change Russell's winning mentality now, so a fight between him and his teammate Lewis Hamilton can be expected. "You can't tell a man who's been karting since he was six, 'now you're part of the team, you have to race for the team.'

" "They are rooted in being alone on the track - acting opportunistically," the Mercedes boss concluded. George confirmed that it is natural for him to be ready to fight with everyone because that is the only way for him to win the title.

“The fact is, Lewis and I have a good relationship,” Russell said. “They twist my words to get titles, like trying to take away Lewis’ crown or something. But I don't feel that way. " "I'm in Formula 1 because I want to be a world champion, that's obvious.

If I'm going to be a world champion, I have to beat everyone - even Lewis. " However, the young Briton admits that in this situation he will, as Wolff described it, have a more intellectual approach, “In an ideal world, we just want to race against each other.

We don't want to race Red Bull or Ferrari. " “So we have to work together and push each other to make it happen. I want to win. I want her today. ” "But if you give me the choice to win today but have an average future, or learning today and success in 10 years - that's an easy choice," Russel concluded.

Hamilton problem

Lewis Hamilton believes Mercedes will still have to consider its bounce problems when Formula 1 arrives in Saudi Arabia this weekend. Mercedes' W13 car is still struggling to bounce. Although the aforementioned problem seemed far less extreme over the weekend at the Bahrain Grand Prix, it did not allow them to get closer to Ferrari and Red Bull.

Hamilton believes that the problem with jumping will continue to happen on the Jeddah Corniche Circuit track because it is crucial for the car, and not driven by the characteristics of the track - a problem that has been dragging on since the first pre-season tests held in Spain.

"It's definitely not specific to the track, because we still had a problem in Barcelona. It’s not as uneven as here, but we still had a problem there. (Bahrain) is a bumpy road and we have had long routes, ”says Hamilton.

"We expect to have the same problem in the next race - longer routes in Jedi - if we don't solve it. There are a lot of people in the background who are working, incredibly intelligent, day and night, trying to come up with the right solutions, "he added.