Red Bull believes Ferrari has a huge advantage

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Red Bull believes Ferrari has a huge advantage

Red Bull believes that Ferrari has a "big and decisive" advantage in the field of propulsion, and they assume that Ferrari's advantage is up to 4 tenths per lap.
Ferrari has had a great start to the new season.

In Bahrain, they celebrated a double victory, and the performance of their power unit is particularly encouraging. The progress that Ferrari has made with the power unit can be seen very well from the results achieved by their customers Haas and Alfa Romeo.

Red Bull assumes that Ferrari has a "big and decisive" advantage with the power unit, and the motorsport advisor of the Austrian team, Helmut Marko, told the German F1-Insider: "They have not only a small advantage, but a big one."

Red Bull assumes that this is an advantage of 4 tenths. This, for example, allowed Ferrari to adjust the car to more downforce in Bahrain, so they were more competitive in turns than Red Bull, while they were at the same level on the routes.

But Ferrari kept the tires much better. In Bahrain, 5 of the 6 cars powered by a Ferrari engine finished within the top 10, which speaks best of their progress. According to the German media, the Italian manufacturer has best adapted to the transition to E10 fuel, and special attention was paid to the performance of the engine during acceleration.

Ferrari’s potential could potentially be even greater given that the Italian team has used conservative engine modes in Bahrain, and will gradually increase power once they find the ultimate limit of reliability.

Sainz's car

At the opening of the season after the race at the Bahrain Grand Prix, the FIA ​​carried out a detailed inspection of Carlos Sainz's car, with which he won second place.

Ferrari made a big surprise because after Charles Leclerc won the first pole position in the new era of Formula 1 on the Sakhir track, he turned that position into a clear victory a day later. On the other hand, Carlos Sainz completed his double victory, finishing behind his teammate, and the achieved result has not happened since 2019.

The car of the Italian team F1-75, with which Ferrari wants to return to winning ways, showed enviable performance during the pre-set, and then at the opening of the season, which resulted in great success. After the race for the Bahrain Grand Prix, Ferrari F1-75, number 55 - Carlos Sainz's car was inspected in detail by the FIA.

There was no protest, it was a matter of random selection ex officio and a thorough examination. The result of the inspection was a completely correct car. "Physical examinations were performed on the body, wheel covers, rims, and devices for attaching wheels.

All components reviewed comply with the technical rules of Formula 1, ”concludes the report issued and signed by Technical Delegate Jo Bauer.