Lando Norris: McLaren has to get used to low positions

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Lando Norris: McLaren has to get used to low positions

Lando Norris insists McLaren must get used to their low positions in the run-up to the troubled Bahrain GP. McLarcen came to Bahrain for second tests optimistic after a good first test in Barcelona, ​​only to have these problems eventually ruin their program.

On the same track for the first race of the season, McLaren finished 14th and 15th without any pace the entire race to try to reach the top ten. "I'm sure it looked as bad as it felt," Norris said. "It is where we are now.

We have to get used to it now. ” "Of course, in recent seasons, there are a lot of expectations from everyone on the team, but also from everyone who is watching, and we are not right at the moment." "I think we are far away, not close but far away so we need a clean start to try to understand some things and at least try to find solutions."

"Solutions do not mean that we will be extraordinary next weekend, but in a few months we will have to understand what is happening and improve." Formula 1 is expected to have developmental races as teams will quickly find improvements with the new generation of cars.

Norris on the season

With McLaren struggling right now, Norris was asked if he expects the rest of the season to be tough: "No, no, I believe it's hard but I still believe some tracks will be better for us."

"I hope this is the worst it can be. It may not be, but it may be. ” "We have a lot of time. We have a whole season of developing and discovering solutions but it’s not that easy to do. I think that when we find out what is not working, it will be all about implementing and bringing improvements and parts to the car.

" "And what will be the biggest difficulty for them, Norris added: 'I think finding out what's not going to be the hardest part, putting things in an areodynamic tunnel and those things.' "But it can happen a third of the season, a middle, a quarter, but I don't want to believe it's not going to happen this season."

"I hope the team will be able to do that. They have been doing this in recent years, they have made great strides forward, so now we have to look at everything and get over it. ”