George Russell: I could only fight Haas

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George Russell: I could only fight Haas

Mercedes driver George Russell is worried about the pace of his team they showed at the opening of the 2022 season because the only driver he overtake was Haas with a strong pace. Breaking through the grid at the Grand Prix of Bahrain, the British driver managed to reach the 4th position from the ninth place, but on that road, he managed to overtake only one car - Haas, Kevin Magnussen.

However, it was not an easy task, as the Dane had a fairly strong pace. Russell started from ninth place at the opening of the new season. The Briton was unable to get close to Ferrari and Red Bull. But, after passing the checkered flag, he was in fourth place, because due to the resignation of Red Bull drivers, he got the opportunity to move for an additional two positions.

It was the first race with the new Formula 1 aerodynamics, and the Mercedes driver was asked to give an opinion on how the cars, designed to facilitate tracking, were worn during the race. He couldn’t say, because he was only racing with Magnussen: “The only person I overtook was Kevin in Haas team and I think they had a pretty advantage in pace,” the younger Briton said.

"I mean, the feeling is relatively good and it's easier to follow, but obviously the cars are a lot heavier and Bahrain is always a strange race with a temperature surface."

Adrenalin: George Russell

Mercedes' pace was made very difficult by extreme bouncing, and as he explains, the design of the car worsens the situation.

Asked if he needed headache pills after 57 laps of jumping on the Sakhir track, the Briton admitted that they would be useful to them later when the adrenaline was gone. "The adrenaline is flowing right now, but probably later.

It’s not very comfortable, but just keep doing it because it’s more embarrassing when you know it’s threatening your lap time. But it's like a boat ride, you get used to it. " The next race is the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, which is run on a street track in Jeddah.

Russell believes the nature of that track could help Mercedes a bit, but he doesn’t expect it to race with Ferrari or Red Bull at once. "We are optimistic that it may suit us a little better, but we know where we are.

Even if we do, it will not turn that backlog behind the cars ahead of us. ” "I think in the first part of the year we will probably be in a lone race behind Ferrari and Red Bull, and in front of the middle of the grid," Russell concluded.