Horner after the Baharain GP: "It's very frustrating"

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Horner after the Baharain GP: "It's very frustrating"

After the Baharain GP, first race of the 2022 F1 World Championship, Max Verstappen was forced to withdrawn. In the press conference after the race he said: " It was very difficult out there with all the different problems we had to deal with and this of course isn't the best for the first GP of the season.

The pace wasn't great. For some reason, the balance wasn't great. better like the one on Friday, and of course now we have to understand why. Indeed, there are many things we have to analyze. Meanwhile we have lost a lot of points in one race and this just doesn't go down well with me.

Mind you, nothing is compromised. But I would have preferred to have at least the eighteen points of the second place. One can also think that a problem can happen and that a withdrawal must be taken into account of the possibilities but I believe that with all the work done and the data available on the power unit and everything else Well, it shouldn't happen.

I still haven't quite figured out what happened with the steering but it all started when I got back on track after the pit stops. ante, it was nearly impossible to steer and there seemed to be a delay in response to the command every time I turned the steering wheel to the right.

This is why I started so badly at the restart from the safety car: I wanted to accelerate, but nothing happened."

Horner's words abiu the GP

Christian Horner, Team Principal Red Bull, after the Baharain GP, ​​talked in press conference about the race and about his riders of him.

He said: "It's very frustrating. We were fighting, the Ferraris were faster but the double retirement is terrible. I think the problem our drivers are having is the same. Probably something to do with the fuel system rather than with the power unit, but we have to disassemble the car to be sure.

Maybe the collector. Max tried to take the position from Charles but he didn't have his pace. The Ferrari was faster by two or three tenths of a second. We were better in the first sector, they in the second, in the third we were on the same level, I would say.

Max could not overtake Charles, he also had problems with the brakes and steering. if it will be a battle all year long, that's fine for me! As long as we too can get to the bottom, though!"